Daniel Dagotdot

School of Photography, New York, NYIP 2014.

     Ever since I was young, I enjoyed "taking pictures" using my smart phone and Powershot small camera. I like capturing the beauty of everyday life within the pictures, pictures that create memories.


About five years ago, I met a good friend, Henry Balingcongan, who introduced me to professional photography. I became interested and invested all my pool (billiards) winnings in expensive gadgets of photography. I share my passion with my brother, Bryan Dagotdot. 


I am a New York City based photographer with wide array of style. I can produce dynamic photos, I specialize in creative composition and commands superb use of light. Every picture with life and positivity is my goal. 



"It wasn't just about taking pictures, but discovering the details around you."


Bryan Dagotdot


I specialize in wedding photography. I love all the emotions and excitement that can be captured in a single photo. I love  making people happy and pride myself in knowing I have created a finished product that the bride and grrom will love and cherish for the rest of their lives together. While keeping a professional and calming presence, I strive to make guests feel as comfortable as possible so I  can capture those truly candid moments. Getting those candid, unfiltered, raw emotional shots is what drives me and keeps me excited about shooting weddings. This environment enables me to build a great relationship with the bride and groom.


A Little Bit About Myself:

I am a family man - husband and father of two beautiful children. I believe in marriage and the vow between a man and woman before God. To me, documenting it has no price. This is why I always do my very best in every wedding that I shoot. My hobbies are, fitness, basketball, and playing with my kids. My interest is in serving God and I try to do my best to live accordingly. My love for photography began when digital cameras came out. It is my true passion. I bring my camera everywhere I go. I think about wedding photography all the time - capturing those special moments, the light and potential of each photo.


Other Interests:

I like to say that I shoot from the heart. I imagine myself in the shoes of the bride and groom and imagine the kinds of lifetime memories I would want captured if i were them. I love what I do, it’s a passion for me. Whenever I’m out there taking pictures, I don’t feel I am working. I read movements, emotions and wait for that right reaction then capture it. I always think outside the box and look for angles that no one would think of.





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